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WHO AM I? // Ariana | 22 | NY | flawed Christian | Relay for Life Captain | Writer | Singer | Tattooed | LGBT advocate | Libertarian | Feminist | Adventurer

WHAT DO I LIKE? // Books | Tattoos | The Beatles | Harry Potter | Grey's Anatomy | Castle | Doctor Who | Sherlock | Supernatural | Hannibal | House of Cards | Egypt

I am someone who does not have all the answers but knows the majority of the wrong ones. I am not one to be silenced. I am tougher than I look BUT I am as sweet as sugar.

    Sooooo this happened… #purejoy #FIRSTPONYTAIL #okayfirstattempt #hairregrowth

    Sooooo this happened… #purejoy #FIRSTPONYTAIL #okayfirstattempt #hairregrowth

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    #okayfirstattempt  #firstponytail  #hairregrowth  #purejoy 
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