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Well hello there, I am Ariana aka Firefox =^.^=
The 22 years young New York native. I am a flawed Christian. Someone who does not have all the answers but knows the majority of the wrong ones. I am an aspiring writer who has an obsession with books. I am inked. I love to sing. The Beatles are my favorite band. "Drops of Jupiter" by Train is my favorite song. I love me some Grey's Anatomy and Castle. I am a Whovian. A Sherlockian. But I am a Gryffindor, first and foremost. LGBT advocate. Feminist. Libertarian. Shaving my head was the greatest decision I've ever made. love working out, though I struggle with motivation. I have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I am plotting to run away to Egypt sooner rather than later. I am not one to be silenced.

I post what is on my mind, what I struggle with, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, and how awesome life can still be even in the worst of circumstances.

I am tougher than I look BUT I am as sweet as sugar. Don't be afraid, ask away!

    My friend Matt, who I dated a few summers ago, and I are obsessed with MTV’s The Challenge. That summer, we watched it every week like clock work. We decided that we need to one day compete on The Challenge. Not Rivals (although sometimes) and not Exes because we’re cool and it was just a summer chill thing. Aaaaaaaanyways, enjoy this.

    Oh and I think I need to mention that he HATES wearing shirts. He spent that whole summer with his shirt off. It was lovely, but unbelievably irritating lol.

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