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Well hello there, I am Ariana aka Firefox =^.^=
The 22 years young New York native. I am a flawed Christian. Someone who does not have all the answers but knows the majority of the wrong ones. I am an aspiring writer who has an obsession with books. I am inked. I love to sing. The Beatles are my favorite band. "Drops of Jupiter" by Train is my favorite song. I love me some Grey's Anatomy and Castle. I am a Whovian. A Sherlockian. But I am a Gryffindor, first and foremost. LGBT advocate. Feminist. Libertarian. Shaving my head was the greatest decision I've ever made. love working out, though I struggle with motivation. I have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I am plotting to run away to Egypt sooner rather than later. I am not one to be silenced.

I post what is on my mind, what I struggle with, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, and how awesome life can still be even in the worst of circumstances.

I am tougher than I look BUT I am as sweet as sugar. Don't be afraid, ask away!

    My male roommate has figured out my cycle...

    Mitch:How are you doing, Ari?
    Me:Really not so good. I need some more Advil. Stupid being female... Grrrr...
    Mitch:Well that's weird...
    Me:How is that weird? Because I'm a girl and this is what happens?! This weirds you out?!
    Mitch:No... It's just that you're two weeks early.
    Me:How... How did you...?
    Mitch:I live with 3 girls. I NEED to know that kind of information. Let me go get you some Advil. Do you need anything else?
    *still stunned silence*
    Me:I can't tell if I'm impressed or terrified...
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    #hope for humanity  #roommate  #impressed  #funny  #female problems  #period  #cycle  #yes i live with a dude 
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